Connecting with you

BALYO has designed a solution to fully integrate into your environment. Much more than robotic trucks, we deploy a complete architecture, adapted to the specific requirements of each client.

At the heart of the solution, the Robot Manager software monitors and co-ordinates fleets of robots. It enables your machines, IT systems and infrastructure to communicate in real time with the autonomous vehicles. Specific hardware equipment called COMBOX, are used to relay information back to the Robot Manager. Our equipment transforms an analog message into a binary signal coherent with IT system language.

Our decision center, the Robot Manager, transmits wireless information to the robot and coordinates decision making, as well as actions and traffic.




Just like manual operation

Combining multiple types of sensors (LIDAR, safety lasers, 3D cameras, rangefinders, etc.), our embedded intelligence acts like a manual driver and transmits instructions to the base truck actuators to control:

> Speed
> Steering
> Vertical forks movements
> Side shift

The Driven by BALYO technology regulates robot movements, accelerations, decelerations and adjusts lateral speed to aisle width just as a manual driver.

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Give it a try !

There is nothing better than a live trial to give you the best overview of what our robots are capable of. That is why we give you the opportunity to get a Proof of Concept in your facility